Colors Of His Face


Standing alone on pebbled carpets grey 

No longer a child

Life was asking, "Why this way?"

Bleeding now from sorrows muddy past

the watching world

Bore no answers for this lass.

On this sad day my mourning dove sang,

Should I stay awhile-

or give me away?

I to my daddy's bosom might fly

Seeking refuge

I his loving eye

But he no longer

rested here....

He was now on the winds of Heaven's cheer.

The "Aha" would arrive

when upon the Spirits hint I came...

To turn my white frame to black again.

If I but put on darkened face

this maid then too

Might embrace her whitened case.

My inner castle walls

once facing facing out

the removal of life's "rejection shout"

This frame given by God

in humor and in glee

For I was both black and white on the inside you see.

It was the love of God that set me free at last.

For He who made me thus, 

turned out ashen clay from brown dust.

Climbing now the hills pf grace

I discover once again

the colors of His face.